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Me and my Fiance were told we won a trip and extra stuff if we went and heard about cookware and ate. First they said only 90 minutes...

2 and a half hours later, we were straight up with Mark that we didn't see the product working for our lifestyle and he was honestly so rude. He just said how our lifestyle is going to kill us. Total ***. To be honest the carrots didn't even taste cooked.

I don't know how they are in business with how they treat people. We were honestly considering purchasing with them but not after our one on one conversation.

Do not give this company the time of day. Free trip is cool and all, but if i knew this, id rather pay for the trip.

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I need to report the biggest scam in Buffalo Ny. This Company is preying on the engage couples selling 4 thousand dollar sets of cookware.

Simplicity Gourmet....Pink Apron...Chefmaster Usa should be reported to the Attorney General for fraud, unfair business business practices and offering free gifts that are not free. They offer a 50 dollar discount on 2 thousand dollars worth of knives.

They beat up cookware sold in stores and use scare tactics to sell their over priced products. I'm posting this complaint to warn all brides and to get a class action lawsuit started.

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to Jennifer Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594043

I work in the customer service department at Simplicity Gourmet. When did you attend a showcase with us and what name was your gift package under?

If you received a gift from ChefMaster, they are a independent and separate business from Simplicity Gourmet.

We would love the opportunity to talk to you and investigate this further. Please contact us at 1-866-897-7676.

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to Jennifer Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594047

I work in the customer service department at Simplicity Gourmet. We provide extensive training for all of our representatives before they begin working with us and continued training bi-weekly to help ensure all customers and non-customers are treated in a professional and respectful manner.

We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB because we diligently strive to make customers (and even non-customers) happy.

We would never condone representatives being rude to potential customers. We would love to hear more details on this matter so we have an opportunity to investigate.

Your happiness is important to us and we sincerely apologize that we were not able to make you happy previously. Please contact customer service at 1-866-897-7676 so we can have the opportunity to better serve you.


haha Tasha! I guess you must work for the company!

I wish more people WOULD complain about Simplicity. My husband and I went to the presentation. Honestly, we have not tried to book the trip yet so I will not comment about that. After leaving the presentation and putting $100 down on ordered products, my husband looked the company up on the internet.

We found too many people calling it a scam and having so many problems with the product that we decided to cancel our order right away. Needless to say, it has been a year and have not recieved our refund or any type of communication from the company. It is nearly impossible to get in touch with anyone in the company and if you leave a message they will not call you back. We have had only a small dealing with them and have been disappointed; I can not imagine losing thousands to this shotty company with poor products.

We went home and immediately fed ourselves information about the company (no pun intended) and made an informed decision on their business practices within their 3 day cancellation period. Though I lost $100, I guess I shouldbe happy I didnt lose more!

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to Alyssa Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594041

i work in the customer service department. If you cancelled your order within the cancellation period your check or credit card may have never been charged.

You would not receive a check back unless there was a charge. If you were charged, after your cancellation, call customer service and you will be refunded. You can reach us at 1-866-897-7676. We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and do so by taking care of our customers.

We cannot take care of something however if we are not alerted of an issue.

We look forward to taking care of you.


Sounds like the "timeshare" business model, and probably just as overpriced as timeshares are. Stay far, far away.

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to Pulltype Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594050

I work at Simplicity Gourmet in the customer service Department. We are frequently asked if the vacation packages we give away are part of a time share promotion. Our vacation giveaways are NOT a part of any timeshare program.

We give away vacation accommodation packages to couple who are selected to attend one of our free showcases.

The gifts are paid for from our advertising budget and our partners. It is the same thing as paying for a commercial, it just happens to be live, fun, entertaining, and include a small tasting. We are able to purchase the vacations at a discounted rate. Travel companies sell them to us at a discounted rate because many brides decide to add extra nights to their stay (even though it is NOT required). It is a win/ win for both companies. As for the negative reviews, every company has a few. When we have read ours, we notice a common theme-people claiming that our gifts are not real. We also notice that those same people making the claim have never attended a showcase. Unfortunately in this day and age, you dont have to be well informed to post anything online.

We hope that any person that has a question about our gift, or complaint about our company, will always contact us directly so we can have an opportunity to address any issues and create positive experiences and happy customers and non-customers alike. We strive hard to help everyone be happy and are proud to boast an A+ rating with the BBB. Please contact us with any questions, etc. at 1-866-897-7676. We look forward to serving you and the community.

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