Simplicity Gourmet - Pure Bullcrap

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My then fiancee and I were contacted, and we went. Like idiots we thought it was amazing and a good honeymoon. Even better was we could pay half price for a while.

We were complete idiots.

We get the pans and they burn even on the low setting. The saucepan scratched the first time being used without us doing anything. We hate the pans and when we moved just bought pans from Wal-Mart that works better.

The vacation was a scam, too. We paid for it and heard nothing back.

Now we are stuck paying all this money for pans that we do not use. Equitable Acceptance is another monster. They call non stop and are unreasonable.

Now we are stuck figuring out how to afford paying for these hunks of junk and what we can do. We do not want them and we do not want to pay for them.

Oh...and we can't seem to get a hold of simplicity gourmet. Classy.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Sparta, Michigan, United States #1016096

Personally, I love my pans. And nothing ever burns in them.

They are super easy to clean and the food tastes great. Since buying them, the food is so much healthier that on the occasion that I take my kids out for fast food, they inevitably get stomach aches and all the bad that goes with them. My sales person, Carol, is amazing and years later still calls occasionally to check up and see that I'm still satisfied and if I need anything else or if they have something on clearance that she knows I was interested in.

Sorry you didn't have the same experience, but it's not the fault of the pans themselves. Sounds like it was your sales person and lack of knowledge in using them to their potential (which would be the sales persons' fault too).

Simplicity Gourmet - SCAM. Out 2400 dollars!

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My fiancé and I bought cookware for our first big purchase from this company. We paid $2400 total.

After we used them (doing everything correctly) they instantly stained, scuffed, and stuck. It took about 30 minutes to clean them AFTER they soaked for three hours. We were also forced to use the powder cleaner every time we used the cookware. Side note, nothing even cooked as good or as fast as the demonstration showed.

Cooking took about an hot longer than before. This place is ridiculous. Whenever we signed the contract, they just ask for your signature to authorize the purchase. They don't tell you the fine print is on a completely different paper so you can't review it, or else I would have.

Now that we are unsatisfied, you are NOT able to return them no matter what. No matter what!! We are so freaking pissed off and unsatisfied we just want our money back. You can't return them.

Well, you can but you still owe them the full amount of money. I am so mad right now that I literally just threw $2400 down a toilet drain bc these things suck!!

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States #628465

This strikes me as absolutely absurd. As with any direct purchase or any other for that matter you have 3 days to cancel.

As a business owner this contract is to protect both parties involved and seldom is anyone dumb enough not read a contract of any sorts before signing. As for the cookware it self I own three sets of different waterless and greasless cookware and none of them cook as well as the Simplicity Gourmet set. Built in America, by Americans using American steel even. They are the snap on tools of the kitchen.

my advice to anyone is if you buy a product and you're just not sure how to use it, call the company and ask for a rep to come out and demonstrate how to use them in your own home. a company this large has reps in just about every major city in the US. the would surely rather you be a happy customer then a pissed one and could help educate you at the same time. As a Chef for 23 years I can assure you you wont find a finer set of cookware in the world..

My mother in law has had her set since 1973 and never needed to buy another set of cookware her entire life. and if you are burning things chances are you can't follow directions, medium low and off is all you should Ever use that's why things keep sticking.

and preheating the pan is a necessity not a choice. :roll

Simplicity Gourmet - Bella Gourmet Bridal Show


Don't fall for the bridal show's a copy of the complaint I just sent to them.

I recently attended a "bridal show" with the promise of receiving a $25.00 gift card to your website, a 2 night vacation and other discounts and promotions. I sat through the demonstration, with an inexperienced salesman, because apparently the normal guy injured himself playing football with his cohorts prior to the meeting. The individual who conducted the session in jeans and a t-shirt repeatedly told us this was the first time he'd done a show. Said "uh" more times than I could count and he forgot to turn on the cook top for the demonstration and just generally fumbled his way through the presentation.

I tried to use the gift cards my husband and I received at the session only to find out neither of them are valid. Surprise, surprise. On top of that, I did little internet research about Grand Incentives - the two night trip we were promised that would "make an excellent honeymoon" only to find out they have hundreds of complaints against them for fraud. Apparently they routinely collect the $50.00 "refundable" deposit, force you to schedule your trip via snail mail and then after waiting 6 weeks for a response, they advise the date/location you selected is not available. The cycle continues until people give up and their $50.00 "refundable" deposit is never seen again.

As if that weren't enough to complain about, I also researched the "" only to find out that they too are shady and have numerous complaints against them.

I do not appreciate being out right lied to in a desperate attempt to gain an audience for your over priced cookware presentations. Not a single one of the "promised" incentives was legitimate even down to your prepaid gift cards. Your company should be ashamed to provide false promises to potential customers. I'm thankful I wasn't persuaded to order the $5500 pot set, because had I placed an order and come home and tried to use the gift card, travel voucher and coupon vouchers only to find out they were all a sham, I would have immediately cancelled the order. Do you honestly expect to gain a customer base by lying to them right out the gate? I should have been wiser from the beginning because when I was solicited to attend, I was told it was a bridal show. I wasn't really sure what to expect, I was sure you were trying to sell something, but I foolishly expected it to be, oh a BRIDAL SHOW with multiple vendors - invitations, photographers or other wedding related vendors, not a pot/pan demonstration.

Needless to say, I will never purchase anything from Bella Gourmet, and I will readily spread the word to others via any media I can find, that your company lies and makes false promises in order to sucker people into sitting through a their demonstrations.

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I too was fooled by this company with the incentives, wish I did my research before hand, like I usually do! ARG!!! Sadly, we did place an order but I had a bad feeling afterwards. So when we got home I started doing my research.

Found nothing but complaints about the company and none of the coupons or incentives were valid. I called to cancel my order...turns out you have a 3-day time period to mail in your cancellation. And when I called to cancel the guy gave me nothing but trouble, so bad I was shaking by the end of the conversion.

He said I would receive my refund in 10 days, its been 30 days! Still no refund, haven't received the pots and I'm guessing my order was cancelled.

Horrible Horrible Horrible experience!

DedicatedCustomer Service
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #593980

I work for Simplicity Gourmet in the customer service department. I would first like to apologize that your Bella Gift card did not work.

We would like the opportunity to make it up to you. We did have a few numbers that sales reps wrote incorrectly, etc. Any time we received a call from someone who had trouble with their card, we immediately issued them a new number. I assume if you called us after posting this you have already received your new gift card code.

If not, please call 1-866-897-7676 and we will be happy to assist you and rectify the situation.

As far as Grand Incentives goes, they have always been happy to assist any customers. From time to time a customer contact us with questions about their vacation accommodations and we have Grand Incentives contact them. We have had 100 percent satisfaction reported back to us anytime a customer has contacted us with questions on their vacations. Grand Incentives does have a specific booking procedure you must follow.

Most issues from booking have stemmed from customers who did not follow the correct procedure, but even then when we are contacted we have been able to contact Grand Incentives on their behalf and get reports back that Grand Incentives took care of them. When you have trouble with a company, as all companies have things that do not go right at times, the best thing to do is call the company directly and give them an opportunity to make whatever the issue is right.

At Simplicity Gourmet we strive to maintain happy customers. As you correctly ask in your post, why would a company give a gift card that doesn't work or a vacation from a vacation company that is not legitimate and expect to gain business?

I can answer that, we would not. I assure you, your experience is not the norm and we would love to help you become happy with your experience with us. we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB by conducting business in an ethical and professional manner.

Please allow us to show this to you by contacting us directly at 1-866-897-7676.

to DedicatedCustomer Service #1593798

We were duped to. And we never got a refund in which we asked for as well. We have the pots and pans and preheat every time and each pan still burns.

Simplicity Gourmet - Scammed me for alot of money

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This product is not what they made it out to be. Food sticks and takes just as long to cook.

Pots wobbled on my flat stove top. Handles werent secure and they take an ungodly amount of time to clean to get them looking like they first did when they arrived. I wanted to return them for a refund and ALL SALES ARE FINAL AFTER 3 DAYS after the demonstration!!!!! I hadnt even recieved them in the mail yet to try them for myself until a week after the 3 day mark...

So now Im stuck paying $3600 for crappy pots and pans I dont even like or use! A reputable honest company would give you a longer trial period and accomadate its customers in any way to keep them happy and give themselves a good name but NOT SIMPLICITY GOURMET! THEY ARE OUT FOR YOUR MONEY...


Monetary Loss: $3600.

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DedicatedCustomer Service
Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594055

I work for Simplicity Gourmet in their customer service Department. We stand behind our products 100 percent.

With that being said, it sounds like you are not having a good experience.We would love to have the opportunity to address your concerns. Food just not stick to the pans. There are a few reasons food can stick. One potential problem is the initial cleaning of the cookware.

The cookware comes with instructions on how to clean your cookware before the initial use. If this is not done, it can cause issues with sticking. These issues can be corrected easily with stainless steel cleanser and a few simple instructions. Another potential issue is that all stoves cook differently.

Your stove may cook hotter than the average stove. It is important to first clean your cookware with stainless steel cleanser to remove any residue left on the pan if you burned food, etc. After this, we recommend cooking at a lower temperature. Some can cook boneless skinless chicken on medium low in 12 minutes because their stoves cooks more efficiently than others.

Cooking on lower temperature will produce positive results in less time and use less heat/energy.

As far as the handles and wobbly cookware issues are concerned, you do have a lifetime warranty on your cookware. If any cookware is defective it is repaired or replaced free of charge. We encourage you to call customer service so was can assist you.

We are not able to help with issues that are not brought to our attention.

Please call customer service at 866-897-7676 so we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

DedicatedCustomer Service
to DedicatedCustomer Service Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594056

Sorry for the typo. Food "should" not stick .

. .


Same thing happened to me i am trying to get out of it bc it is a scam.. any suggestions or did u end up paying for them. They suck they do want just money and there dishes are noy what they said they would be i am not paying for this *** and i am calling a lawyer..

to nk #593545

I own their products and have had very good experience with them. I did burn some chicken once pretty bad (my fault) and called their customer service number and was able to get help in cleaning the pan and cooking tips for the future.

I haven been happy ever since.

I did learn gas stoves cook much hotter and turn the temp down even more than suggested.

DedicatedCustomer Service
to nk Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594058

I work for Simplicity Gourmet in their customer service Department. We stand behind our products 100 percent.

We are eager to help customers and are proud of our A+ rating with the BBB.

With that being said, it sounds like you are not having a good experience.We would love to have the opportunity to address your concerns. Food should not stick to the pans. There are a few reasons food can stick.

One potential problem is the initial cleaning of the cookware. The cookware comes with instructions on how to clean your cookware before the initial use. If this is not done, it can cause issues with sticking. These issues can be corrected easily with stainless steel cleanser and a few simple instructions.

Another potential issue is that all stoves cook differently. Your stove may cook hotter than the average stove. It is important to first clean your cookware with stainless steel cleanser to remove any residue left on the pan if you burned food, etc. After this, we recommend cooking at a lower temperature.

Some can cook boneless skinless chicken on medium low in 12 minutes because their stoves cooks more efficiently than others. Cooking on lower temperature will produce positive results in less time and use less heat/energy. As far as the cookware issues are concerned, you do have a lifetime warranty on your cookware. If any cookware is defective it is repaired or replaced free of charge.

We encourage you to call customer service so was can assist you. We are not able to help with issues that are not brought to our attention.

Please call customer service at 866-897-7676 so we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

to nk Weehawken Township, New Jersey, United States #597488

Nope I had to pay for them.... Still stuck with these crappy very disappointing things!

I did get fed up enough with them I ended up buying some that I enjoy cooking with to make my cooking experiences less stressful! Still I say that if this company was so reputable then they would do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, to which I am far from... I will never have a good thing to say about them! So pleas no more responses from the company!

Your suggestions are completely worthless as I have tried them multiple times and still do not function as promised!

I don't have the time for the added stress in my life. I've paid you for your junk ( even though I should never have , my own fault) and moved on with a much happier cooking experience with other products!!!!!!!!!!

DedicatedCustomer Service
to Zlyn2108 Weehawken Township, New Jersey, United States #597533

Dear Zyln2108,

I work for Simplicity Gourmet in the customer service department. In your post above you wrote a "reputable [company] . . . would do whatever it takes to make the customer happy." Then you wrote, "please no more responses from the company". When a company reaches out to try and help you, then all assistance is refused, I would think the company is doing all it is being allowed to do, in a genuine effort make the customer happy.

If you are a real customer, I hope one day you allow us to help you. Our cookware works exactly as we demonstrate. Unfortunately, some customers need a little help cooking waterless and greaseless, if they have never cooked that way before. When customers call in and allow us to assist them, we are always able to help the customer achieve success in cooking - even when it is someone who has little experience cooking at all.

All it takes is one call. We just ask that you walk through what you have prepared with us, what temperatures you used, and how you have cleaned your pan. In some cases, we may request a picture of your pan. Then we have the information needed to trouble shoot successfully. With little information and anonymous posts, it is very hard to do that.

You do have a lifetime warranty on your cookware. It will work waterless or the traditional way of cooking with oils and grease. Just remember to cook at lower temperatures with either approach. It is far more efficient in heating. We hope you are able to try it again with an open mind in the future. We sincerely want all customers to be happy.

If you would like, give us a call, and we can help. 1-866-897-7676.

DedicatedCustomer Service
to nk Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #597543

I work for Simplicity Gourmet in the customer service department. I respectfully ask that you prove you are in fact a customer.

As a customer, you do have a lifetime warranty on the cookware. We stand behind our product 100% as it does work exactly as demonstrated directly in front of you in the seminar you attended.

We sincerely want our customers to find success in cooking. If that did not happen for you, we are here to help. We can always trouble shoot with you over the phone. We are positive that if you call with an open mind, walk through step by step what you've tried, and try what we recommend- you will have success.

We look forward to adding you to all of our satisfied customers. Please call customer service at 1-866-897-7676 for assistance.

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Simplicity Gourmet - Very Rude!!

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Me and my Fiance were told we won a trip and extra stuff if we went and heard about cookware and ate. First they said only 90 minutes...

2 and a half hours later, we were straight up with Mark that we didn't see the product working for our lifestyle and he was honestly so rude. He just said how our lifestyle is going to kill us. Total ***. To be honest the carrots didn't even taste cooked.

I don't know how they are in business with how they treat people. We were honestly considering purchasing with them but not after our one on one conversation.

Do not give this company the time of day. Free trip is cool and all, but if i knew this, id rather pay for the trip.

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I need to report the biggest scam in Buffalo Ny. This Company is preying on the engage couples selling 4 thousand dollar sets of cookware.

Simplicity Gourmet....Pink Apron...Chefmaster Usa should be reported to the Attorney General for fraud, unfair business business practices and offering free gifts that are not free. They offer a 50 dollar discount on 2 thousand dollars worth of knives.

They beat up cookware sold in stores and use scare tactics to sell their over priced products. I'm posting this complaint to warn all brides and to get a class action lawsuit started.

DedicatedCustomer Service
to Jennifer Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594043

I work in the customer service department at Simplicity Gourmet. When did you attend a showcase with us and what name was your gift package under?

If you received a gift from ChefMaster, they are a independent and separate business from Simplicity Gourmet.

We would love the opportunity to talk to you and investigate this further. Please contact us at 1-866-897-7676.

DedicatedCustomer Service
to Jennifer Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594047

I work in the customer service department at Simplicity Gourmet. We provide extensive training for all of our representatives before they begin working with us and continued training bi-weekly to help ensure all customers and non-customers are treated in a professional and respectful manner.

We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB because we diligently strive to make customers (and even non-customers) happy.

We would never condone representatives being rude to potential customers. We would love to hear more details on this matter so we have an opportunity to investigate.

Your happiness is important to us and we sincerely apologize that we were not able to make you happy previously. Please contact customer service at 1-866-897-7676 so we can have the opportunity to better serve you.


haha Tasha! I guess you must work for the company!

I wish more people WOULD complain about Simplicity. My husband and I went to the presentation. Honestly, we have not tried to book the trip yet so I will not comment about that. After leaving the presentation and putting $100 down on ordered products, my husband looked the company up on the internet.

We found too many people calling it a scam and having so many problems with the product that we decided to cancel our order right away. Needless to say, it has been a year and have not recieved our refund or any type of communication from the company. It is nearly impossible to get in touch with anyone in the company and if you leave a message they will not call you back. We have had only a small dealing with them and have been disappointed; I can not imagine losing thousands to this shotty company with poor products.

We went home and immediately fed ourselves information about the company (no pun intended) and made an informed decision on their business practices within their 3 day cancellation period. Though I lost $100, I guess I shouldbe happy I didnt lose more!

DedicatedCustomer Service
to Alyssa Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594041

i work in the customer service department. If you cancelled your order within the cancellation period your check or credit card may have never been charged.

You would not receive a check back unless there was a charge. If you were charged, after your cancellation, call customer service and you will be refunded. You can reach us at 1-866-897-7676. We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and do so by taking care of our customers.

We cannot take care of something however if we are not alerted of an issue.

We look forward to taking care of you.


Sounds like the "timeshare" business model, and probably just as overpriced as timeshares are. Stay far, far away.

DedicatedCustomer Service
to Pulltype Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594050

I work at Simplicity Gourmet in the customer service Department. We are frequently asked if the vacation packages we give away are part of a time share promotion. Our vacation giveaways are NOT a part of any timeshare program.

We give away vacation accommodation packages to couple who are selected to attend one of our free showcases.

The gifts are paid for from our advertising budget and our partners. It is the same thing as paying for a commercial, it just happens to be live, fun, entertaining, and include a small tasting. We are able to purchase the vacations at a discounted rate. Travel companies sell them to us at a discounted rate because many brides decide to add extra nights to their stay (even though it is NOT required). It is a win/ win for both companies. As for the negative reviews, every company has a few. When we have read ours, we notice a common theme-people claiming that our gifts are not real. We also notice that those same people making the claim have never attended a showcase. Unfortunately in this day and age, you dont have to be well informed to post anything online.

We hope that any person that has a question about our gift, or complaint about our company, will always contact us directly so we can have an opportunity to address any issues and create positive experiences and happy customers and non-customers alike. We strive hard to help everyone be happy and are proud to boast an A+ rating with the BBB. Please contact us with any questions, etc. at 1-866-897-7676. We look forward to serving you and the community.

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Simplicity Gourmet - Confused about Simplicity Scam

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I am extremely confused by some of the complaints on here. I just received this call, and the woman was very honest.

I'm pretty sure she said we "won" the offer, but I am smart enough to know that is just a marketing technique. She said that I would get a voucher for a vacation and a $25 gift certificate if we sat through a two hour seminar on the cookware. Now, if you don't realize that they are going to want you to purchase this cookware after they show it to you, then you are an ***. However, I am curious.

Do you really get the voucher? We haven't planned our honeymoon yet, so any help would be great! I can't believe so many people claim they were scammed.

That's your own fault! Wise up!

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Went to a show in Sacramento CA and the sales guy what pretty cool and when signed up he told us no worried we don't pull your credit it won't effect your credit score ask him numerous times and promised me and my wife that it won't effect out credit. Few days later we get notice that they pulled our credit which dropped our credit scores and we were trying to buy a house.

Well that didn't happen because our credit score is to low now. Tried calling the company for 2 weeks email phone calls tried calling the sales guy nothing. Went to face book and posted this : Cant believe this company. All the lies and promises and no one answers emails or phone calls.

Amazing you can take my money and run numerous credit checks damaging my credit score. Nice way to go after newly weds.. Well I get I phone call the next Monday and some guy is cussing and chewing my *** out using foul language saying everything I said on Facebook was untrue. I had to yell back to get my side in and he said "oh".

And he would call me back I said I didn't want the merchandise cancel the order. Come to fond out he was the owner his name is AJ Johnson. Next week goes by and I get a $3,500 bill saying owe this amount I tell this company that we don't want it to cancel it. We don't do busy with people like this.

My wife calls the owner Aj Johnson and he starts yelling at her calling her crazy. This is *** poor customer service.

For the owner to act like this is unprofessional. So before doing business with this company beware


attended a bridal show and was called twice in one day regarding a "free trip/honeymoon to an all-inclusive resort." To receive this "free" trip, my fiance and I would have to attend a pots and pan demonstration presented by "NutriChef." We went, although I was very skeptical. They did have some awesome products...but they were $5000 for a set!

Yeah right! Prior to going I had Googled the name "NutriChef" several times just to come up with no negative reviews. They didn't harass us to buy anything and seemed very sincere about giving out these trips just to get their name out there. At the end of the presentation, they did provide us with the information on how to book our trip.

The company they use to book the trips through is "Bella Bridal Network" who also goes by the name "Grand Incentives" AND "Simplicity Life Travel." After Googling all of these companies, here is what I gathered. There are a lot of reviews from people who didn't even go to the presentation and just assumed it was a scam. But here's the truth: yes, you in fact DO get a trip. HOWEVER (you should have known that was coming) there is a catch.

Before you can book your trip, you have to pay $24.99 per person for an application fee. THEN, you have to pay $50 per person to upgrade your trip to all-inclusive. And of course you pay the taxes (the only cost that was mentioned in the presentation.) After you have paid that, you pick the top 3 destinations you would like to travel to along with the travel dates, and the travel dates for all 3 HAVE to be 30 days apart. They will not tell you which one you have received and you will not receive a confirmation after you put in the request.

You have to physically CALL 30 days before the first choice and then they will most likely tell you to call back 30 days before your next selected date because that selection has no available rooms. You call back 30 days prior to the next selected date...same thing. Third? You guessed it, same thing!

They will then apologize that all of your selections were unavailable and booked, and then send you to a destination of THEIR choice. (Yeah, good luck with getting a good rate for a plane ticket 30 days before you're scheduled to go on a trip.) At this point, you will probably accept anything because you are so annoyed and out about $250 (and about 3 months past your wedding) OR you will request a refund...which you will never get. I would prefer to skip the BS and just book where I want to go through the resort website and have the security of knowing I have a guaranteed honeymoon/trip booked. Like I said, it's hard to find actual reviews about someone really receiving the trip; mostly it is everyone being skeptical about the presentation (which can be from different companies than NutriChef) and automatically assuming it's scam.

It is, but it isn't at the same time. While you get your trip, it's not entirely free. You will be paying taxes, application fees, upgrade fees AND lose a little bit of sanity along the line. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Nothing in life is free. Good luck to you!

to S.D.R Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States #961649

Been doing research on this before I waste my time going to this show this evening and your post was the most detailed and helpful in regards to the trip as I hope this was your actual experience and not assumptions like most of the other comments....Thanks S.D.R!

DedicatedCustomer Service
Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #594067

I work for Simplicity Gourmet in their customer service Department.

If you have questions, we encourage you to call 1-866-897-7676. Every couple that attends our showcase receives all of the gifts promised on the phone and is under no obligation to purchase whatsoever. After you attend the showcase, we encourage you to make accurate posts out there in the Internet world as a person who is informed (and might we add happy after receiving a really nice gift package).

The gifts are paid for from our advertising budget and our partners. It is the same thing as paying for a commercial, it just happens to be live, fun, entertaining, and include a small tasting. We are able to purchase the vacations at a discounted rate. Travel companies sell them to us at a discounted rate because many brides decide to add extra nights to their stay (even though it is NOT required). It is a win/ win for both companies. As for the negative reviews, every company has a few. When we have read ours, we notice a common theme-people claiming that our gifts are not real. We also notice that those same people making the claim have never attended a showcase. Unfortunately in this day and age, you dont have to be well informed to post anything online.

We respectfully ask that people with questions, call and ask us directly at 1-866-897-7676.


I did attend a showcase. When i went to redeem my vacation, i had trouble with the dates i chose.

I called Bella Gourmet to see if they could help me with the vacation company -Grand Incentives. They put a call in for me and Grand Incentives contacted me and I was able to get an alternate date.

I am not sure if I got an alternate date because I got Bella Gourmet involved or not, but it is worth a shot if you have trouble getting your date with the travel company. I did have to pay taxes and all for the trip when I booked it, but I think it was worth the time.

to informed Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #926038

So you actually went on the trip?


Hey folks,

My husband and I went to the preview in 2008. We resisted buying the pots and pans, received the vouchers, and thought we were in the clear.

Then, we tried to use the vouchers, well before the expiration date, but this was where the scam came in. We sent in our nonrefundable deposit, along with our preferred dates and locations for our trip, but they told us that those dates and places were all booked. We were told to send in more dates and location choices, and we received the same response.

Then, we were told that the vouchers expired, and we were out our deposit, and it was our fault that we didn't use the vouchers in time. Don't be fooled-- this is a scam!


Okay..... first of all...

IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE... I have been called numerous times regarding this offer. The woman I spoke to said "we met you at the bridal fair". GUESS WHAT?

I am engaged to get married BUT I never went to a bridal fair. This was my first tip off. Second, I have a sales background I know all the gimmicks. If any one of you think for one minute that the demonstration was going to be "free" then you deserved what was coming.

There is nothing that is FREE. They brought you in and excpected you to purchase. You made the choice not to. That is your choice.

I wouldn't spend that kind of money on cookware. Most of the people that purchased it believed enough in the product to purchase it...fine. The others felt taken advantage of because they didn't like the events that took place? I have read enough online that I wouldn't go or I may just go and know going into it that I wont buy anything...not because I didnt like the product or because of buyers remorse...

but because I have no intention of buying it... I am just curious.

Ps. It is ENGAGED not ingaged.


Hey Amusing...has your daughter actually tried to use the voucher???


My daughter was contacted by this company and was excited to learn the she had "won" a free vacation. We attended the seminar with her to prevent her from making a huge mistake.

We sat through the presentation and in the end she did receive a voucher for a vacation. There were two choices: a mid-level hotel like Holiday Inn for 3 nights which required a $25(per person) processing fee, and an All-Inclusive vacation in the Carribean for two nights that didn't include airfare and required a $50(per person) processing fee.

As the saying goes "nothing in life is free"!!

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Wel it's a great dell every resort you have to pay taxes and its expensive to stay at a all inclusive resort so be happy for the opportunity and take advantage

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Simplicity gourmet is a scam

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I was invited to a bridal preview last weekend and found myself listening to a sales pitch about $3000 to $6000 pots and pans. They trashed store bought cookware and talked about Teflon and how it will poison my family.

The salesman talked down to us when we asked questions about his false and insulting claims.The demonstration went on for 2 1/2 hours.

When we tried to leave without buying their over priced pots, the salesman was rude and insulting.I can not believe they are still in business. Their gift offering was awful.....I highly recommend you stay away from this company.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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sometimes people need to realize that if you want high quality products that will last you long time, they will be expensive. and the preview is ONLY AN HOUR AND HALF.

big deal. people nowadays are just lazy and having nothing good to say either bc their broke and cant afford it or they just don't see the good in anything.


First off, Teflon is very bad for you and can cause harm to your family. that's why it is being band in 2015.

I have personally been to their show and loved every minute of it. they did not pressure me to buy anything, they simply offered their products but did not force me to pay a penny. I got my gifts just for coming like they said I would do on the phone. and I left at the end.

the host was hilarious and I doubt your show lasted 2 and half hours.. I loved that all they did was simply offer what they had and gave me facts and information for the future.


My fiancé and I went over a year ago to the bridal show and a few days later I got the call. They called me a couple times because I was at work and couldn't answer which I was so happy for, since I was so happy about winning a honeymoon.

Went to the presentation knowing we can not afford to buy anything and of course ended up financing. We regret and didn't read the fine print til well after we could cancel. My fiancé and I are having a two year engagement so we were waiting to investigate more on whether this was scam or not. We got a free coupon book, which was $5 for the stamp and I never received the coupon book which I began knowing this was a scam.

I called a travel agent to find out if it is a scam or not. The travel agent said they don't know for sure but if it sounds to good to be true then it is, also if you have to send money in advance then probably is a scam.

She then told me that it is probably a time share and you will NOT be able to get out of it, it would be beyond miserable. I have been reading a lot of people saying its a scam then its not but I want someone who has actually went on the honeymoon/ vacation to say whether they got screwed or not.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #615047

This is NOT a scam. My fiancé and I recently went to a show.

The presentation did last an hour and a half. I personally found it informative although we did not purchase their set. The reason being is because I currently own an amazing set that is almost identical to theirs. My cookware is waterless, greaseless, and 50+ years old yet still looks brand new.

My grandparents used to schedule dinner parties to showcase the cookware they sold as well. $3000 for a two lifetime set of cookware isn't outrageous. However, if you can't afford it don't buy it. It's that easy.

The presentation was a little long but Cory and Andre were great hosts. They cracked jokes and for the most part kept the presentation entertaining. They were very adamant about not buying their products if you didn't want to. I wouldn't call them high pressure at all.

For those of you who said they were, all you have to do is say no. We told them we weren't interested in purchasing at this time, they handed us our gifts and wished us a great day. We will be booking our vacation soon and actually upgrading to the 7nights, 8 days package. Who cares if you have to pay for a flight and $75 in taxes.

You're getting a vacation to an ALL INCLUSIVE resort. You're getting a *** of a deal! Stop complaining. There's always a catch but this one isn't bad.

Give them a chance and enjoy the show! :grin

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States #607899

Has anyone actually been on one of the so called "free trip" that were offered???????


So..I am a bride to be..went to a show this evening and ended up purchasing a set tonight. I had a very unsure feeling about it.

I tried to call our salesman several times after we left..but of course no answer.. and now I am freaking out...not that I can't afford the payment..but we are going to attempt to cancel our order in the morning.

I have read multiple reviews about people canceling. Some had no problems other had tons of problems...Any advice or thoughts?


Wow, I can't believe all of the complaints on here. I didn't get my simplicity gourmet cookware at a bridal show, it was at a dinner in my home.

I love my cookware, it is better than store bought by far, the vegetables taste so good! I just fill up my small pan with frozen vegetables and put it on medium heat until it whistles. I can't imagine cooking without it. I did use the financing when I bought it and I do think it was like 21% interest, but they did allow me to pay it off early.

I bought a kirby vacuum and I had to pay all of the interest. Plus I hate the vacuum lol.


i went to a bridal show in january and was told also i won a trip and what have you. So we get there and they make us feel as though we are going to get cancer or something if we used other types of cookware.

So anyways we decided to get the cookware since they told us it was no interest for a year and with our wedding gifts we could surely pay them off in a year. Also my husband said the guy who setup our paper work reaked of vodka and kept staring at my chest. So my husband is already mad and then i get my first bill in and im being charged 25% interest which is a total of about $55 a month added to our grand total of $3,789. How could anyone possibly afford this.

These pots and pans put us in a severe financial bind which in return ruined our wedding day and almost ruined our marriage. I had to get my family to bring food to my wedding and told everyone it was byob and also had to use a wedding gown my friend let me borrow.

We tried to get a lawyer and sue them but the attorney said we would have to sue the guys who sold it to us and it would be hard without there full names which the lady who answed the phone at customr support would not give us any info and just kept saying she couldnt help me with anything but recipes. We got scammed even the lawyer said we did but it was there word against ours without enough written documentation in our favor.


We went last night they gave us a $25 gift card which we found out was already used. They gave us 20% for invitations with a website that doesnt exist. Total scam


How the heck can a couple engaged to get married afford to spend thousands of dollars on pots and pans that they will be registering for FREE in a few months anyways? Well if the teflon is going to poison me and my family- consider me already dead.

Don't be *** people.

If they call and say you won a trip you should win a trip, no strings attached. I repeat, don't be ***.


Has anybody actually gone to the show and NOT purchase anything and still receive the free trip?

to Bree Willoughby, Ohio, United States #595273

Yes, the gentleman was very sweet.


We fell for the pitch but then had buyers remorse and cancelled within the time frame 4 years ago, never got a bill or the cookware and now we have collections calling. Don't fall for this scam!


Just wondering once y'all cancel it what happened????


My fiancé and I got a call a week after going to a bridal fair. The lady on the phone explained to me about the coupon, gift certificate, and the free trip if we attended the show.

Of course I knew there had to be some kind of catch but on the off chance that we would actually get our free honeymoon, my fiancé and I decided to go too (with ZERO intention of buying, of course). The show was 90 minutes just like I was told on the phone. He told corny jokes but it wasn't completely terrible. The pots and pans seem great but the price was too steep.

2950 or so for the set. 52 dollars a month (woukd take about 4 years to pay off--OUCH) and with 18% interest a year (no bueno). We honestly considered that and their "student plan" of three pieces for $990. My fiancé almost convinced me to buy but we did not.

They were very nice and once we said no, they didn't try to force us or anything.

We received our trip voucher and left. I am very skeptical still that we will be able to take it but it's worth a shot--just like this show was.


Wow, the positive comments are completely missing the point (and frankly not very intelligent... "wrest of the deal"?

No one can spell or use punctuation on this site, eh?). MANY people get called for a "Bella Bridal" type package and get hit with all of this stuff--much of which ISN'T told before you go and are blindsided by a three hour presentation. Did I buy the products which AREN'T the quality they wish to be (ex: once my engineer fiance questioned something about the metal that was very specific, the salesman literally took the product out of his hand and kept going)?

No, I didn't--but the whole premise of "You won this prize!" IS a scam. Based on all of the information and comments I've seen across the web, I'm fairly certain half of these "positive" comments are actual employees of Bella Bridal, if not necessarily "Simply Gourmet."

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I'm curious what specific question your fiance asked about the metal?


I dont understand how you can call this a scam. You made a purchase.

Nobody forced you. My aunt bought these 45 years ago and still uses them everyday.


My fiance and I went last night. We went into the thing practicing saying no.

By then end we were sold on the product. Not able to afford the $3000 price tag, we ended up buying just one skillet. However, we plan on canceling the contract today. It was $570 for one pan at 3.5% interest PER MONTH (NOT YEAR), didn't see that fine print til this morning.

They sold us good. It was 11pm, we were tired after sitting for 2.5 hours, wanting to leave, but at the same time, wanting that good product. We got suckered into buying in. Good thing the contract says we have 3 days to cancel with no penalaty and that is exactly what we are going to do.

The product seems good, but not for that price.

After canceling, we plan on calling them back to order another but with a lower price, free shipping, and 0% interest. If they can give away a free trip, but not do that, then I don't want it.


I gotthe call, we went to the meeting and purchased some cookware. I got it the other day and KICKS ***!!!

I love it! And my trip was totally, yeah you canonly use it certian days of the week, but who cares?? Its FREE!!! You have to pay the taxes, but you get the room and food free!

Its a good deal, if you cant afford the pots then stop *** saying it was a scam. You mad cause you couldnt buy any!


I to fell for this scam. WORST POTS n PANS ever, I cook everything on medium heat with theyre pans its lo bc everything burns sticks.

Waterless my butt. THe handles are all wobbley and when I tried to turn them back in after the 3 days they wouldn't let me. Didn't send me a payment book till the 3rd month after I had bought them.

Scam Scam Scam..... And there is no warranty on them either.

to JDC #593828

You can call customer service at 1-866-897-7676. There is a lifetime warranty on the cookware.

If there is something that needs to be repaired, it will be repaired for free. If there is something that needs to be replaced it will be replaced for free.

If you had left your name here, we would call you immediately, but with anonymous posts, that is impossible to do.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you become a happy customer.

to JDC Jackson, Mississippi, United States #653967

You obviously don't know what you're talking about. They have a lifetime warranty.


im not sure where the wrest of you who are downing simplicity gourmet but i have never had a problem with them. i have cookwear from them and i and my husband won a trip and the gift card and it was NOT a scam we actually got the trip and everything. so i dont think you are refuring to the REAL simplicity gourmet company


ok all i have to say is whoever this person is who says they worked there has to be lying. I used to work there and yes they do call brides with the same line but it is very true and in the script that they read they tell you everything that you need to know and then some.

I have decided to be a stay at home mom and just renewed my vows and got a phone call from them and I have booked my vacation and I have recieved my cookware and guess what I could afford it and thats why I don't have problems and you don't have to pay for anything so if you know you can't afford it and you already know that then wait til you can my gosh really guys. I'm very impressed with them


My fiance and I were scammed too. I went to a bridal show in January and about a month or so later someone called saying they were from Simplicity Gourmey/Bella Brides/Pink Apron. We had won a trip and a $25 gift certificate to Simplicity Gourmet from the bridal show I had attended. I was excited because I never won anything and I had gone and filled things out at the bridal fair. They said we had to attend the cooking show where they would go over the prizes and such. My fiance' thought it was a scam but I drug him to it anyway. We got there and sat through the cooking show that was 90 mins long. He impressed us with the way things cooked and how he could cut right in it and it wouldn't tear it up, etc. He used the scare tactics of teflon and such are killing us and blah blah blah. They said we would get one main package and another for cheaper than if we bought them seperately. We fell for it and purchased the pots and pans set along with the bakeware. They tried to tell us we could do a bridal registry but I didn't like that idea because that's basically straight out asking people for cash; and I'm not okay with that.

We got our gift card that night and I used it the next day and that was the only legitimate thing out of the deal. The trip we had won can only be taken during certain times and only Monday-Friay. There were more fees than what they told you and it was just a scam.

We found out about the scam because when we were cooking everything was sticking to the cookware. We looked online to see what we were doing wrong and came across scam after scam. Apparently, the pots get too hot on your stove and things stick. They will stick if the pots get over 100 degrees and guess what? Your stove, even on low, gets above 100 degrees. We contacted Simplicity Gourmet, who is a real and legitimate company, and they said that they did sell those items, however, they discontinued them in, wait for it, 1999! The people of this company were purchasing the pots and pans for cheap at other sales and then selling them for a ridiculous price. They even offer a double generation lifetime warranty. I think that's BS.

I am no in any way dogging Simplicity Gourmet, it was not their fault this was being done and they were very helpful in the matter. They told us who to try and contact and go from there. So now, we are trying to get in contact with the sellers from the show. If that doesn't work we'll go to the Credit Corporation we went through. They can keep the "processing fee" and we will even pay to ship the stuff back, and we'll be nice and clean it too, BUT we in no way want to be paying for them anymore. If nothing works, we will be forced to open a fraud investigation and go from there. I am hoping they will let us resolve this quickly and calmly, but I have a feeling it won't be that simple. From other things I have read, they will not accept the cookware back AND they have to continue paying for them which ruins their credit.

Be careful what you get yourself into. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't fall victim to this.


First of all crazy people don't blame simplicity because you guys decided to buy the cookware without asking any questions..anybody who goes to the preview us told exactly what its going to be about then ask if you want to accept it or not. ANYBODY with any common sense knows "Gifts"usually come with advertising so even w/o bring told u should have known.

You don't even have to purchase to get the vacation and I've received 2 already Went out of country and stayed w/in wonderful vacation. Just because you've bad experience doesn't mean everyone else has so get over yourself things happen no company is perfect so its wrong for u to set a bad opinion for someone before they can see for themselves


I actually own and love this cookware. Yes it is expensive, but worth every penny.

The sales pitch I admit was a little sneaky, saying you won a chef to cook in your home. We did have someone come and cook though and it was delicious food. She was vey friendly and not pushy in any way.

People just need to remember that if they want a quality product sometimes it is going to cost a bit more. Thats the way life is.


I have to say I also "won" a trip and went to the presentation. However, I have to say the presentation was not high pressure and was actually rather enjoyable.

We did get our free vacation as promised as well as a gift certificate etc. The presenters were actually hilarious and well mannered. The only thing they asked us at the end after they gave us the vacation. YES they give you the trip before.

Then they ask "do you have any questions about the cookware?" That is all.

We did almost buy some because the demo was THAT good and the stuff is CLEARLY high quality. I would go to the presentation again and purchase cookware when I am better financially prepared in the future.


This company preys on young inexperienced brides-to-be who are swept away by a high pressure sales demonstration and don't realize what they are getting into. THe health claims are ridiculous.

THe purchase of this vastly overpriced cookware is financed by a branch of the same company which is where they truly make their money.

My daughter bought $2000.00 worth of cookware that she cannot pay for and regrets it every day. When I asked her how she could even considered paying that much for pots and pans, she said that the salesman was very convincing. I think they must put *** gas in the ventilation system.

Please do not fall prey to this predatory company. Excellent cookware is available at a department store for a fraction of the price.


About 2 and a half years ago I got ingaged. I attended my very first bridal show and was amazed at all the vendors and ideas I got for my wedding. The very next day I got a call from simplicity bride saying that I had won a honeymoon package and could pick one of the 10 different places they had for my honeymoon package but first I had to go to a local hotel so they could get my information for the trip I had won. They also said they would have a gourmet chef there and he would cook me and my boyfriend some dinner and show me some nice pots and pans and china. The man on the phone said that It would be about 90min. for them to get my info and make us dinner. I picked the time and my boyfriend and I went.

From the moment we walked into the hotel the receptioist asked if I was there for "the showing." I was a little confused because I thought that I was the only one there that won a trip. I walked into the room of where it was and the room must have had 20 or 30 people in it. Everyone in that room was told they won a trip and everything was paid for exept the transportation. My boyfriend was mad at me now because he knew it was a scam from the begining but I told him to shut up and sit thru the sales of the almost 4000$ pots and pans.

The salesman came around and asked us if we were going to buy the cookware and I acted like a stuck up schoolgirl and told him that I dont work and my boyfriend better think again if he thinks he can spend that much money on cookware and think Im gonna cook for him. So the sales person was a little mad but I dont care I dont intend to spend that kind of money on cookware unless they are lined with real gold. So we got a broucher for all the places we could pick to go to as we were leaving and the man said we have up to to years to go. We walked out and I told my boyfriend that we didnt buy anything and we still get a trip. About 2 weeks later I called to set up my trip and then nothing was paid and it was a dump hotel and they had only certain days that we could go.

And get this: my wedding was called off we broke up and dated other people for a year and now we are back together and ingaged again so now I went to another wedding show this last week and the very next day I get a call from simplicity bride saying I won a free trip to the bahamas or mexico I could choose the place but I would have to pay for transportation and attend a 90minute seminar. It was the same crock of BS again! Dont fall for this scam. Its the biggest waist of your and your mans time.

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India #243556

I agree. I was scammed too.

You only have 3 days to cancel your order, which mean you never get to actually touch the pots to decide if it's worth the money. I have called "Erica" 13 times now and I have only spoken to her once.

AWEFUL customer service. I am determined to return this cookware!!!


I was a sales asistant for Simplicity Gourmet/ Simplicity Brides/ Pink Apron Preview. The company had only one name when I was there, but I do understand why they need many different names now so that they can try to hide who they really are from people they are about to rip off.

The owners of Simplicity are also the owners of the New Era Cookware factory in Clarksville, Tn. and Equitable Acceptance Corp in Golden Valley, Mn.

They make their livings by selling overpriced and crappy cookware. They try to get young brides to finance large amounts of money at Equitable Acceptance and charge them a crazy APR of 24%-30%. They also tell these poor brides that they can make half payments on their finance accounts for the first year to make things easier for them, what they don't tell the brides is that the half payment is all interest and that after the first year their account balance will be the same as it was when they started, thus tricking the bride into thinking she is getting a good deal from people who care about her future when in fact she is being lied to and screwed out of here hard earned money at a time in life when she needs to save every penny for her wedding and all the things in life that came right after the wedding.

They also lure these poor brides into their so called Pink Apron Previews by promising them a free honeymoon and other gifts that are a total scam. The vacations are nothing that they are promising. Cheep hotels, many blackout dates, hidden fees,(Simplicity pays about $2 per vacation that they give away, how real can they be if they only pay $2 per vacation) but by the time the bride finds all of this out she has already purchased the crappy cookware, paid all kinds of finance charges and not given any kind of refund or option to cancel the contract she now has with the finance company.

They teach their so called Chefs (I call them HIGH PRESSURE SALES DOUCHBAGS) to do things (tricks) with the products when they demonstrate them to these poor brides that the bride will never be able to do without months of training. The product is ok but not what they make it out to be. They give false promises of cooking meals in half the time that store bought cookware will cook in. Promises of saving money on replacements because they have a lifetime warrantee (which they DO NOT honor).

Promises of food not sticking to the pans when in fact EVERYTHING sticks and burns in these pans.

They calim to have a top notch customer service department (it's one woman that is never there to answer the phone when a customer calls and dosent return a phone call until a customer calls at least 4 or 5 times.)

On top of screwing their customers, they also screw their sales people and factory distributors out of pay and make false promises to pad their own pockets.

The president is like some kind of cult leader that their *** salespeople follow until they can't pay their rent, car payments and are flat broke before they realize what is really going on.

Their so called leaders are a bunch of cast offs from other sales companies that no longer wanted them.

I caution anyone that gets a phone call form them (they will call and tell you that you WON all of their crappy bogus gifts in exchange for a few minutes of your time to preview their products) DON'T BE FOOLED!!!! YOU DID NOT WIN ANYTHING!!!! THEY CALL EVERYONE WITH THE SAME LINE

I also caution anyone that is thinking of taking a job with them or doing any kind of business with them. YOU WILL BE SCREWED TOO!


The pots burn and are over priced....$800 a pan.....scam


Their presentation is like a walk down the yellow brick road with Dorothy, tin man and the scarecrow .....what bull!


I can't believe this company called me told me we won a exciting gift package to find out they are selling a $6000 set of pots and pans. I could not get out of the showroom without telling the rep to stop hamering me and give me my gifts. Stay away

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